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We have two Organic Apples for  you to choose from.Fuji or Gala. Both fresh and crisp and very delicious.

You will fall in love with this bar, even if you did not know it was gluten free.

For gluten intolerent nut lovers.  This bar is loaded with pecans.

Light and delicious.  You will absolutely love this delight.

Who said you cannot have a great tasting brownie that is gluten free?You have to give these a try.  You would never know it is gluten free.

We have two different flavors of these great tasting cookies.Oat Cranberry White Chocolate  and the classic Chocolate Chip.

Seitenbacher Musli #7Original German Cereal

Hodgson Mill Gluten Free Angel Hair Pasta.Great tasting yet no gluten.

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