We've adjusted our online order policy during the lockdown.


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Thank you very much for visiting us!!


We are so delighted that you are shopping our online store.

This is what will happen when you give us your order.

1.  You will get us picking your order so you do not have to.  Just tell us the day and time of day you want your order.

2.  You will get the same great quality of products that you find in our store.  

3.  We will do our best to match your exact needs.  If you tell us you want 5 lbs of anything, we will come close to it since there is no two items that weigh exactly the same.

4.  You will get an email telling you what the "approximate" bill will be. Then we will adjust it so you will be charged the exact amount that you are purchasing.  For example, if you tell us you want 2 lbs of apples and the apples weigh 1.75 lbs the initial email will show that you are charged for 2lbs. The actual bill, we will include a receipt, will reflect the 1.75 lbs.

5.  We will be grateful for your order and we will be waiting for you to pick it up when you come by.